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Study on Skype or Face to Face in Malaga!

Ready for the Cambridge Preliminary or First?

Thousands of learners fail their exams due to poor preparation. Study with me and:



  • Discover how to PASS your exam FIRST TIME.


  • Learn strategies for each paper with a certified and vastly experienced tutor.


  • Arrive at the exam centre with all the skills you need to pass.


Click the button below to schedule an appointment to discuss my courses or click this link to enquire about availability.



General English for Work or Personal Development

  • Courses which FOCUS on the skills YOU want to IMPROVE. 


  • Courses tailored to YOUR personal requirements.


  • Courses between 10 – 100 hours. The longer you study, the cheaper the price.


Click the button below to schedule an appointment to discuss my courses or click this link to enquire about availability.


Why Study With Me?

  • I have 12000 hours of classroom and online teaching experience..


  • I am degree qualified and I have CELTA and TEFL Certification.


  • I have Cambridge English Teacher certificates in PET and FCE preparation.


  • I have lived and worked in mainland Europe and Asia since 1999.


  • I solve the problems that Spanish and Asian students have with English pronunciation.


  • I teach English grammar using communicative activities rather than books and worksheets.             



Exam preparation classes are €16 per hour.
General English classes are €15 per hour.
If you study for 10 – 20 hours, prices are reduced.
Don’t worry, you can pay for 10 – 20 hour courses weekly!
Further discounts apply for longer term students.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me with your enquiries by using the form below:

What do my students say?


I studied a pre-intermediate course with Kieron in Bangkok. I was a science student at that time, and I needed to have good English to be able to read and write science reports. My comprehension and writing improved a lot! I hope to study with Kieron again in the future.
Aom Sasimaporn
Lab Technician
I needed to pass the Cambridge Preliminary this year so I did a short preparation course with Kieron. I failed the PET the year before but this year I easily passed. It really helped to have the practice tests and to get mark sheets back. I knew what to do for each part of the papers and had time to check all my answers at the end. I really like to study on Skype too and Kieron was very patient if I needed to change the times of lessons because of my work.
Florian Dupuy
Civil Engineer
I took a First Certificate preparation course with Kieron a few months before I moved to the UK. He really helped me to understand the different accents of English and my writing improved so much! I have now been here for three years, have C2 level English and work as a student counselor at a university in the south of England.
Elisa Maio
Student Counselor
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